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Full text of "Annual Evaluation Report Fiscal Year 1984"

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Funding Priorities: In recent years, the Congress has adopted appropriations
language that overrides the funding priorities established in the authori-
zing legislation. The Appropriations Act (P.L. 98-139) for FY 1984 provided
specific sums for certain sections: $3,000,000 for Sections 5 and 14(c),
$8,500 9000 for Section 10, and $8,500,000 for Sections 14(a) and 14(b).
Priority rankings are established within each section to reflect urgency of
need and to ensure a systematic distribution of funds. If appropriations are
not sufficient to fund all projects, applicants will remain on a waiting
list until funded as long as they continue to meet eligibility requirements.

A*  Goals and Objectives

o To continue to reduce the backlog of requests for funding of construction
projects and to transfer federally owned school facilities to local
authorities (Section 10).

B.  Progress and Accomplishments: No new information*

C.  Costs, Benefits, and Effectiveness

Districts Served: From the start of this program through FY 1984, Federal
assistance has been provided for over 6,604 projects, of which 343 have
been in school districts serving children who reside on Indian lands.

Program Scope: For 1984 there were 29 new projects under Sections 5, 24 new
projects under Section 10, and three under Sections 14(a) and 14(b).

D.  Plans for Program Improvement and Recommendations for Legislation
1. Final regulations are now being drafted.



No further   studies   related   to   this   program   are   currently   in  progress.

Contacts for further Information

Program Operations      :    Stan Kruger,         (202) 245-8427
Program Studies          :    Fritz Edelstein,    (202)245-8638


! Amounts provided by the 1983 Continuing Resolutions and Jobs Bill Supple-
mental Appropriation.
minimum school facilities necessary for the education of these children